smart thermostat

Low Income Smart Thermostats

PGW provides and installs ENERGY STAR® Certified Wi-Fi enabled thermostats in the homes of income-qualified PGW customers at no cost to the customer. Thermostat installations are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the date that applications are received, and are subject to available funds.

To qualify for the Low Income Smart Thermostat program, PGW customers must use gas-fired space heating equipment in their home, and have a household income at or below the following amounts:

Income Eligibility
Household Size Maximum Annual Income to Qualify Maximum Monthly Income to Qualify
1 $21,870 $1,823
2 $29,580 $2,465
3 $37,290 $3,108
4 $45,000 $3,750
5 $52,710 $4,393
6 $60,420 $5,035
7 $68,130 $5,678
8 $75,840 $6,320
9+ Add $7,710 for each additional person Add $643 for each additional person

Customers may be required to provide income information and/or documentation to verify they have an active PGW account.

Smart Thermostat Benefits

  • Ability to learn household patterns and adjust heating and cooling according to when a home is occupied or is about to be occupied.
  • Reduces the use of heating and cooling systems when the home is unoccupied for significant periods of time.
  • Can track energy usage to see how it changes over time, and how it may affect energy costs in the future.
  • Opportunity to monitor and control the temperature remotely!


A Wi-Fi connection is strongly recommended in order for the thermostat to operate optimally and achieve greatest savings.

As of March 2023, PGW has exhausted funding for this program in the current fiscal year. If you apply, you will be added to a waitlist for thermostat installation beginning September 2023.