Commercial Equipment Rebates

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Businesses and building owners using natural gas can lower their operating costs, improve productivity and increase the overall value of their facilities by upgrading to high-efficiency space and water heating equipment.

Who Should Apply?

  • Building owners with Commercial-sized/Industrial-sized Equipment
  • Business owners who use Commercial Cooking Equipment

This includes businesses such as office buildings, multifamily, lodging, healthcare and educational institutions, places of worship, restaurants, cafeterias, laundromats, assisted living, and warehouse facilities.

What’s available?

Measure categories and the measures within each category are as follows:

Heating Equipment

Commercial Boiler Equipment Rebates
Equipment Size (kBtu/h)
Efficiency Rebate
300-499 ≥92% Et $2,700
500-799 ≥92% Et $4,400
800-1,199 ≥92% Et
1,200-1,599 ≥92% Et
1,600+ ≥92% Et $9,000
Commercial Low-Intensity Infrared Heater Rebates
Minimum Efficiency Rebate Amount
≥80% Et $300/unit

Water Heating

Commercial Water Heating Equipment Rebates
Equipment Type
Efficiency & Size Rebate
Water Heater – Storage ≥96% Et $4.25/MBH
Water Heater – Tankless ≥96% Et $4.25/MBH
Low-Flow Showerhead 1.75 GPM max. $18/showerhead (min. 10 per project)
Low-Flow Faucet Aerator 1.5 GPM max.  $5/aerator (min. 10 per project)

Commercial showerhead and faucet aerator rebates are for retrofit projects only.

Building Controls & Distribution

Commercial Boiler Reset Control Rebates
Equipment Measure Rebate Amount
Commercial Outdoor Reset $400
Commercial Steam Trap Rebates
Type Criteria Rebate Amount
Low Pressure PSIG <15 $50
Medium Pressure 15≥ PSIG <75 $130
High Pressure PSIG ≥75 $150

Commercial steam trap rebates are for retrofit projects only.

Commercial Cooking

Commercial Cooking Equipment Rebates
Measure Name Minimum Efficiency Rebate Amount
Gas Fryer (Large Vat) ENERGYSTAR® $625 Per Fry Pot
Gas Fryer (Small Vat) ENERGYSTAR® $425 Per Fry Pot
Gas Steam Cooker
(3 pans) ENERGYSTAR® $175
(4 pans) ENERGYSTAR® $300
(5 pans) ENERGYSTAR® $400
(6+ pans) ENERGYSTAR® $510

Commercial Building Envelope

Commercial Building Roof Insulation Rebates
Finished Roof Insulation Rebate Amount
Minimum R-49 $0.60/sf

Commercial roof insulation rebates are for retrofit projects only. Applications must include photo documentation showing both the original and newly installed insulation levels. Make sure to take multiple photos before enclosing insulation to satisfy application requirements.

What’s the maximum rebate I can receive?

Most rebates are limited to $25,000 at an individual address. However, to encourage the submission of comprehensive rebate applications for commercial and multifamily projects, we offer higher rebate incentive caps for projects that incorporate eligible equipment and other improvements from multiple measure categories. Incentives across all projects are capped at $150,000 per customer per year. Learn more about the new tiered incentive structure.

Contact the EnergySense program for technical assistance on project designs that will qualify for higher rebate amounts.

EnergySense rebates are available from 09/01/2020 – 08/31/2024. Rebates are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis according to the date your application is received, and are subject to available funds.

Rebate Checklist

  • Equipment invoice(s) showing:
    • Manufacturer/brand
    • Model number
    • Serial number
    • Invoice date/date purchased
    • Paid in full or “zero balance remaining”
  • AHRI Certificate: Find your AHRI product certificate here for boilers and commercial water heaters
  • ENERGY STAR certification: Find your ENERGY STAR product certification here for cooking equipment
  • Manufacturers’ specifications for outdoor reset controls, infrared heaters, and low-flow devices
  • Copy of PGW Bill
  • Signed application (applies to paper applications only)


  • Please ensure your contractor’s name and business address are included on your rebate application form.


  • 1 kBtu/h = 1000 Btu/h
  • 1 MBH = 1 kBtu/h

Are you a homeowner, small business owner, or landlord? Our Residential Equipment Rebates may apply to you.

Are you the owner or manager of a multifamily property with low-income residents? If so, your property may qualify for PGW’s Low Income Multifamily Efficiency (LIME) program. LIME offers FREE energy efficiency upgrades in buildings where at least 75% of residents meet income-eligibility guidelines. Contact CMC Energy Services at for more information or to apply for LIME.

Commercial Rebate Funds Remaining

Approved Rebates: 21
Percentage of Funds Used: 73%
Rebate Funds Remaining: $82,184.50

% Funds Used

Rebates are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to available funds. PGW reserves the right to change and/or end any portion of this program without notice. Rebates are only available for premises served by PGW Firm natural gas rates.