Efficient Construction Grants Overview

With PGW’s Efficient Construction Grants, you can receive up to $60,000 for energy saving designs in new or newly rehabbed commercial, industrial, and multifamily buildings, or up to $750 for single-family homes.

Who Should Apply

  • Building developers with new construction or gut-rehabilitation of residential, commercial, or multifamily projects
  • Customers must be on a firm rate and have single fuel natural gas heat

Project Definitions

  • New construction projects are defined as a new building, where a licensed professional architect or engineer is preparing and certifying building plans.
  • Major renovation/gut rehabilitation projects are defined as those where at least two building systems are being replaced or redesigned, and where the renovations trigger the need to meet Energy Code requirements.
Residential Construction  Grants
 ≥ 20% more efficient than code Up to $750 per home
Commercial Multi Family/Residential Construction Grants
(Per First Year MMbtu Saved)
 ≥ 15% to < 20% more efficient than code $13
 ≥ 20% to < 30% more efficient than code $24
 ≥ 30% more efficient than code $40
 Max Incentive Up to $60,000 per project

Complete the screening application

What happens after I complete the application?

  1. PGW will review your screening application. If your project is eligible for further review, we will request comprehensive project details to assess the energy savings and costs.
  2. If eligible, we will send you a grant agreement with PGW’s grant offer.
  3. After the project has been completed provide copies of paid invoices and certificates of occupancy (for new construction projects). PGW will then schedule an on-site verification of the efficiency measures, and if all criteria are met, you will receive a grant check within 4-6 weeks.

Program Update: EnergySense grants are available 9/1/2016 – 8/31/2020. Rebates and grants are awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis and are subject to available funds.

Grant Process

  • Fill out the online screening application
  • Provide additional information as requested
  • If eligible, sign PGW’s grant agreement
  • Complete project and submit project completion documentation
  • If required, schedule project verification site-visit

Are you a commercial and industrial rate customer interested in comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades to your existing building? Our Efficient Building Grants may apply to you.