Rebates for Landlords and Commercial Buildings Application – Large Project Template

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Step 1

Download the PGW Rebates Large Project Template. After filling in the document with all the required information, return to this page to complete Step 2.



Rebates limited to $25,000. For proposed rebates above $25,000 at an individual address, contact PGW in the planning stages to determine if another EnergySense program is a better fit for your project.

Rebate Checklist

  • Equipment invoice(s) showing:
    • Manufacturer/brand
    • Model number
    • Serial number
    • Invoice date/date purchased
    • Paid in full or “zero balance remaining”
  • AHRI Certificate for furnaces and boilers
  • ENERGY STAR certification for tankless water heaters
  • Manufacturer specs
  • Copy of PGW bill
  • Your signed and dated rebate application (for mail-in applications only)


  • Please ensure your contractor’s name and business address are included on your rebate application form.


  • 1 kBtu/h = 1000 Btu/h
  • 1 MBH = 1 kBtu/h